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Office potluck list

Ephraim Freed
posted this on May 13, 2011, 15:49

Create a potluck list for an office or department lunch

Ever planned a team potluck and sent around a sign-up sheet you had to keep track of? Now just create a page and email the link. Each team member can edit the page and list what he or she plans to bring. No more digging through emails to find the latest version of the potluck sign-up sheet! 

1: Add a page to your group or office page. Add a page to your group or office section titled something like "International Potluck Day Potluck Sign-up Sheet." Make sure all the team or office members have edit permission on the page. (See complete instructions on how to change permissions to view & edit.)

2: Insert a table with two columns on the page. Edit the page and insert a table with two columns and enough rows to list each potluck attendee. Label the left column "Name" and label the right column "Dish." If you've got a small team then just type in each person's name on its own row in the table. Otherwise let people fill in their own names. (See complete instructions on how to insert & edit tables.) 

3: Email link to team members or office with instructions. Send a link to everyone who may attend. Tell folks to edit the page and type in their name and dish in a row in the table. The day before the potluck follow up with the slackers who haven't edited the page yet. (See complete instructions on how to email a page.)

Example potluck list  

Darren G.  Wild mushroom risotto 
Gordon R.  Pineapple upside down cake 
Chris McG.  Cowboy caviar and blue tortilla chips 
Bryan R.  Spinach & candied pecan salad with warm bacon dressing 


Hot intranet tip!

Enter your boss' dish when you create the table

When you first create the table add a row with your boss' name and the dish your boss plans to bring. When everyone else sees that the head honcho's dish is already listed, they'll feel extra inspired to edit the page themselves and participate!