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ThoughtFarmer 5.5 release notes

posted this on June 4, 2012, 08:47

ThoughtFarmer 5.5 Release Notes


  • All-new Forums. Build a Discussion, Q&A, Idea Forum, or create your own custom forum type. Redesigned to enhance forum style collaboration. Includes sort options, unread post counts, and active user summaries. See a screenshot on our web site:
  • All-new Photo Galleries. The new gallery page maximizes image size, while the new preview window encourages discussion. See a screenshot:
  • New Application Toolbar. A persistent top bar streamlines the interface and provides instant access to your Favourites and Recently-visited pages. It also allows easy access to a user's place page and the new publically available user help documentation. See a screenshot
  • Active Directory Sync from Cloud. ThoughtFarmer Cloud clients can enjoy easy user administration by syncing users with their existing Microsoft Active Directory. Please see AD cloud configuration for configuration and supported feature details. This new feature will also work for clients wishing to set up their web server in a DMZ and have it not be a part of their AD domain.
  • Increased WCAG compliance features: While not fully WCAG compliant, we have dramatically increased the features to assist users with accessibility requirements. These include:
    • Added hidden menus to shortcut to key page elements for screen readers.
    • Added alt tags to all ThoughtFarmer application images (e.g. icons, profile photos)
    • Added ability for users to set an alt tag for embedded images in the Rich Text Editor.


  • Added new owner lock option on Forum pages. This allows users to add posts to forums without being able to edit the forum page itself.
  • Images from external RSS feeds will now also be pulled into ThoughtFarmer when added as a center column feed source.
  • Profile pages now show user groups organized by group type.
  • Comment boxes have been enhanced for ease of use and to encourage collaboration.
  • Added new skinning console options to customize the application toolbar. 
  • Added new forum adminstration page for managing and creating custom forum types.
  • Added CSS hooks to hide items for specialized configurations. You can now hide profile photo editing, and security permissions on pages to all but admins. You can also now globally disable commenting.
  • Add PublishedStatus to content coming back in the API


  • For new installations the default starting database size is increased to 2GB and autogrowth has been increased to 512MB. This is to avoid frequent autogrowth on databases that become full which can greatly impact performance. This will not affect existing installations but is recommended to implement manually. 
  • Added configuration settings for application toolbar configuration. See for details.


Bug Fixes

  • TF-10896 Creating thumbnails from large images can cause out of memory errors.
  • TF-10780 Javascript errors caused by content delivery network hosting.
  • TF-10961 System log error when deleting tag
  • TF-10932 Number of replies doesn't update until the page is refreshed
  • TF-10897 Fixed error handling for feeds that deliver bad content. Should no longer cause page to throw an error message.
  • TF-10894 Users can change event times via drag and drop on a calendar to events they do not have permissions to.
  • TF-10864 Quotes aren't escaped from attachment titles
  • TF-10848 YSOD when I click on the language tab on an event page
  • TF-10847 Some events displayed in 12 hour format when they should be displayed in 24 hour format for the given locale
  • TF-10846 Calendar localization label not correct for displaying minutes.
  • TF-10796 Add tag not working in Chrome on Windows 7.
  • TF-10746 Upgrade can cause some birthdays to show 1 day in the past.
  • TF-10621 Html in quotes showing as raw html rather then rendered.
  • TF-9898 Spell checker not working due to missing dictionary components.
  • TF-11188 Error page when trying to create a PDF from the group directory.
  • TF-11171 Allow inactive users to be selected using "Change Owner" administrative feature
  • TF-10578 AD sync for fields was not case sensitive. Changes made to case only in AD were not being overwritten in ThoughtFarmer for AD owned fields.
  • TF-10749 ScrubHtml should not change CSS classes 
  • TF-11285 Updating your first and last name in ThoughtFarmer will not update your profile page title.
  • TF-11155 Entering birthday without year does not save changes or present user with an error message.
  • TF-11105 Version comparison highlighting not always showing properly.
  • TF-11082 Auto-transalation to your preferred language may only translate the title and error on body content translation.
  • TF-10962 Problems sorting order of tag bundles in the admin panel.
  • TF-10690 Clicking  "Done Editing" in the desktop connector may not release the lock on the document within ThoughtFarmer.
  • TF-11588 Active Directory bulk tasks can stall if there is a major error with a single user. 
  • TF-10511 Calling API /document/{contentId}/update with retainLock=true still releases the lock after the update
  • TF-9256 Mixed translations on the admin screens. Admins screens are now english only throughout.
  • TF-11546 Hex character 0x0b or the vertical tab, can cause pages to become corrupt. This character is now being completely filtered out.
  • TF-11380 Installer\Upgrader allows double slashes to be added to IIS causing YSOD and IIS errors